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Two bugs a Russian could fix

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1) On Windows XP bcrypt.dll was not found and it crashes. (SP3)

2) On http://dragonspaw.blogspot.com/2015/11/hampstead-witches-and-their-club-27.html

it gets stuck.

3) When you tool works, usually does, it is FANTASTIC!

4) Ignore "Поместить в" value as I cannot translate options. Sorry!



Hello, please, http://joxi.ru/gkrDkpS0LG9dAp for solution first problem

Under review

Thank you for contacting us.

1) Yes, we know about a problem with XP. We work on a solution. But the support of the operating system all the more difficult for us. In the future, we will reject it.

Thanks, it's working again if I use the tool bar; the right click seems a little flaky, but I'm targeted by the JewsKingPhu heavily so one never knows WTF is going on.

Please show me where I can get this translated to English.?????