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Two bugs a Russian could fix

UnoRaza Back Up 8 years ago updated by Команда Joxi (Команда Joxi) 8 years ago 6

1) On Windows XP bcrypt.dll was not found and it crashes. (SP3)

2) On http://dragonspaw.blogspot.com/2015/11/hampstead-witches-and-their-club-27.html

it gets stuck.

3) When you tool works, usually does, it is FANTASTIC!

4) Ignore "Поместить в" value as I cannot translate options. Sorry!


Under review

Thank you for contacting us.

1) Yes, we know about a problem with XP. We work on a solution. But the support of the operating system all the more difficult for us. In the future, we will reject it.

2) Please more details about the error

Thanks, it's working again if I use the tool bar; the right click seems a little flaky, but I'm targeted by the JewsKingPhu heavily so one never knows WTF is going on.

Please show me where I can get this translated to English.?????

Hi, your want translate application or web site ?