Not a bug

No binary tarballs

Nickolay 4 years ago updated by Команда Joxi (Команда Joxi) 4 years ago 5

Lel. For me this tag translates as "Not mistake". But it's really mistake - for example, i can't use Joxi because i am using ArchLinux.

Oh, sorry. Topics without a description, we usually remove.

We don't support ArchLinux.

Heh. You can support ALL distros (gentoo, archlinux, debian, fedora, even LFS) by publishing binary tarballs. It's not too hard to make it and does not cost anything. Also, they are faster to make - because tarball is just archive. Like zip, but without compression (xzip&gzip are most common compression tools in unix world)

Your, can unpack rpm or deb packet

rpm2cpio joxi.rpm | cpio -idmv


dpkg -x joxi.deb ./